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What happens when they start to see Rosemary as more than a friend? Famous Creepypasta X Singer! Well I’m also a singer, you probably knew that , didn’t you? Well this is my story on how I’m meet the Pastas! Yet only some of them have chosen to reveal their other side. Only a few have one. It’s just the question, “Are they good or bad? Turns out a spam account decided to DM me, and like any sane normal human being, I decided to respond. A Midnight’s Curse [Yandere!

25 Things That Make No Sense About Castle and Beckett’s Relationship

Chanyeol’s POV The concert had just ended, and we were all exhausted. Dancing and singing for a few hours straight was not an easy thing. Our manager hyung was calling. The front is crazy right now.

Redemption (A Castle FanFic) K Reads Votes 17 Part Story. By Alwaysbeckett Completed. Embed Story This secret results into Kate finding out she has been dating and falling in love with a Prince!! We Stuck Together. By s:

Castle fanfiction archive with over 22, stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Castle and Beckett are secretly dating and these are the various times they almost get caught. Yup, start a new fanfiction about them. Besides, I want to give Castle and Beckett some good times along with showing their other sides. Castle and Beckett both join the same dating website after incessant encouragement from their family and friends and start talking to each other without knowing it.

FanFiction unleash Castle and Beckett: The Best of Welcome and enjoy. One Hundred Days of Summer by chezchuckles reviews.

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Premise[ edit ] Richard Castle Fillion is a famous mystery novelist. Bored and suffering from writer’s block , he kills off Derek Storm, the main character in his successful book series. He is brought in by the New York Police Department for questioning regarding a copy-cat murder based on one of his novels. He is intrigued by Kate Beckett Katic , the detective assigned to the case.

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His personal home, Vader often retired to Bast when not on assignment for the Emperor. Very few sentients knew of its existence and it was here in solitude that Vader studied the dark side and attempted to learn what he needed to heal his broken body, frequently using his personal Meditation chamber located at the top of the castle. When not studying the dark side, Vader spent what time he had perfecting his light saber skills, using several variants of training droids to challenge himself.

The castle also contained a droid workshop and private hangar where Vader would use his mechanical skills he picked from his time as a slave to privately work on his TIE Advanced X1 and to repair his sparring droids. Aside from Vader himself, the castle was occupied by a garrison of Stormtroopers who both stationed within the castle and the surrounding outposts. These troopers were assigned to protect Bast Castle while Vader was away on assignment for the Emperor.

After the death of both Vader and the Emperor, the castle stood alone and forgotten for years. The turbolaser located inside Bast Castle After the Battle of Endor , the fallen clone trooper X1 decided to forge a new empire with himself on the throne.

Bast Castle

The ten active lemon writers, regardless of writing specialty, that I consider to be the ten best lemon writers on this site Excluding Myself: Fairy Tail lemons, particularly involving Natsu 4. Fairy Tail Lemons 6. Fairy Tail Lemons 8.

What is Shawn had some king of training or secret life during the missing years after highschool. Now during the psych years that past comes back to haunt him. Bonus points: Shules action and a .

Topsy Turvy by Ilovetoread09 reviews Kate Beckett meets a charming stranger in a coffee shop and they hit it off. However, things are not always what they seem. With her daughter counting on her, she’d have to summon some holiday spirit and muddle through somehow. Castle Winter Ficathon Gates assigned Castle to work with a new team while Beckett, Ryan, and Esposito are preparing for a trial.

Enter Detectives Bellerat, Reynolds, and Exeter. With a new team, a new dynamic, and a new female detective that Castle can’t help but find intriguing, is everything that Castle and Beckett worked so hard for gone once and for all? A Thanksgiving one shot. Situato nella terza stagione.

Harry & Daphne

This “research” was also in part just an excuse to pursue Beckett. Castle cared deeply for her from the very beginning. No matter how many times Beckett pushed him away and hurt him, Castle never changed the way he felt about her. Kyra and Castle reminisce about their relationship during a secret meeting on a rooftop during the investigation.

Harry potter fanfiction between hermione, word count, hermione secretly since the first fanfic so please review!, dramione fanfiction group,., he was going to announce them. Warning: the best fanfiction her and draco dating fanfiction recommendations a year.

Howl’s Moving Castle Movie Sophie’s appearance in the movie depicts her as a young innocent looking girl with brown eyes and long brown hair, which she wears in a plait down her back. At the end of the movie she has silver hair which is the only effect of the curse that remains, she resembles her young self apart from the colour and length of her hair. Dutiful, kind, and considerate, Sophie also has a tendency to be impulsive in her actions and often feels guilty when she does something wrong, though her attempts to rectify matters are usually disastrous.

She also is very compassionate and tries to help others, no matter who they are, going so far as taking the Witch of the Waste under her protection. When developed, they become very powerful, and it is assumed she can learn spells and charms as well. Roles in the books and movies Howl’s Moving Castle book In Howl’s Moving Castle, Sophie is the eldest of three daughters of Hat maker, Mr Hatter, in the magical kingdom of Ingary, where many fairy-tale tropes are accepted ways of life.

When Sophie’s father dies, her step-mother Fanny sets her to making the hats in the family hat shop. She turns out to be a great Hat maker. Sophie’s magical talents attract the attention of the Witch of the Waste who mistakes her for her sister Lettie Hatter, and believed Sophie had some information she needed about Howl, and with no answer she turns Sophie into an old woman.

Her desire to become young takes her to the moving castle of Wizard Howl. Howl is said to steal souls of the most beautiful girls, which worries Sophie. While in the castle she meets Calcifer a fire demon, and she learns of the contract that keeps him in Howl’s house.

Medieval Board Game Found In A Secret Chamber Under A 13th-Century Russian Castle

From that day forward, all who visit this land will be lost to oblivion, none ever able to solve the mystery. None, Aqua, except you. Castle Oblivion was initially the world Land of Departure. After the defeat of Master Eraqus at Terra ‘s hand, Master Xehanort summoned the darkness to destroy the world. Aqua would later bring a comatose Ventus to the Land of Departure to keep him safe.

As Aqua walks into the dilapidated castle, she remembers a “secret” that Master Eraqus told her when she became a Master.

Bast Castle was Darth Vader’s private fortress on the acid rain-soaked planet of Vjun. It later became the headquarters of the Dark Side Elite. The secret sanctuary of Darth Vader, Bast Castle was an immense black fortress located near a beach on Vjun.

In this episode, a mysterious presence follows Twilight Sparkle and her friends in Princess Celestia and Princess Luna ‘s old castle. The title of the episode is an allusion to Castlevania , a Konami series of video games. These leaked copies were semi-standard definition, at p. This was not the first episode of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic to be leaked days ahead of its official airing, the previous ones being season two’s seventeenth episode Hearts and Hooves Day and season three’s seventh episode Wonderbolts Academy.

Summary Twilight researches the locked chest Twilight finds the jackpot of books. Princess Celestia writes to Twilight, suggesting that she should go to the Everfree Forest and look for a book in the library in the royal sisters’ old castle. In the dilapidated castle, Twilight and Spike find the large library of ancient books.

Twilight is ecstatic to have found such a large source of untapped research material, but Spike trembles in fear as star spiders crawl around him. The friends head to the castle Applejack and Rainbow Dash covered in bees. They have a staring match while being covered in bees , but it is cut short when a beekeeper pony calls back the bees. Pinkie declares that Applejack and Rainbow Dash are tied for bravest pony and leaves to test the new Ponyville Schoolhouse bell.

Covert Pervert

The song and dance of flirtation and tension between the two continued for multiple seasons. Some wondered if we would ever see it culminate into a relationship. Around the same time, the chemistry between the two actors became less and less believable. Since then, Kate has been consumed with finding answers and was not satisfied with the official report. This is what inspired Kate to become a police officer.

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You looked up from your conversation to see none other than One Direction walk through the door. Your friends squeal with ecitement, and they squealed even more when Zayn winked at you, and you just sat there grinning like a fool. You noticed Harry kept glancing at your table, but you chose to ignore it. It was all Zayn could do too keep himself from freaking out on him. After all, the boys had no idea, and niether did your friends. Harry gets up and makes his way over to you.

You look at his pretty green eyes.

Sophie Hatter

Ryoko, daughter of Washuu, is anything but cloistered or innocent. The mad scientist in question is her mother, and Ryoko generally refuses to even admit they’re related even though the resemblance could hardly be more obvious — but she still falls for the hero. As it is, her mad scientist mother falls for the hero as well.

TV Shows: Castle fanfiction archive with over 22, stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans.

Anything could happen by Pegship reviews Goes off canon after 8x When Rick lands in the hospital after a traffic accident, he reminds Kate that anything can happen. Back to back, watching each other’s six. Harry finally finds himself with someone on his side growing up, and who knew what a huge difference that would end up making? Harry Potter – Rated: A letter from the past offers new hope to the Boy Who Lived and an old Spy. Join Harry as he struggles to find a new life and home after his was so harshly stolen from him.

K – English – Angst – Chapters: Harry makes a different choice in King’s Cross and is given the double edged gift of a second chance. T – English – Drama – Chapters: T – English – Angst – Chapters:

Castle – AU – Her Secret Life No More fanfic trailer

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