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If you are still not receiving a verification email, please consult our email verification FAQ. Email sent Please check your email. It contains instructions on how to verify your account. If you have any questions regarding this EULA, or any supplemental terms, please [contact us]. End User License Agreement 1. Grant of a Limited Use License By agreeing to this Agreement, you may install the game client software hereafter referred to as the “Game Client” onto your machine for purposes of playing TERA, and may register for and access an account with the Service the “Account”. Subject to your agreement to and continuing compliance with this Agreement, En Masse hereby grants, and you hereby accept, a limited, non-exclusive license to a install the Game Client on a machine owned by you or under your legitimate control, and b use the Game Client in conjunction with the Service for your non-commercial entertainment purposes only. You hereby agree that all use of the Game Client is subject to this Agreement and to the Terms of Service.

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Bamarama now begins everyday at 7pm and final match is at Each match lasts 10 minutes from placing bets to the actual match and results. Bookies used to be visible along with the banker but now it only appears once a match betting has started and disappears when betting closes. Bankers and Bookies stay together even if there are no matches being held.

Bamarama is now active in all channels in the Freeholds. Each channel hosts it’s own set of monsters.

Tera is not as simple as move out of the telegraph. There is a 1frame invincibility on the dodges. If you time it right, you can avoid damage completely even standing inside of the telegraph.

In the latest batch of screenshots from TERA, monsters look as if they’re opening wide for a dental exam This week we feature three new screens with tons of sharply turned corners and wicked weapons. This week we feature some of those gigantic monsters that look as if they’re saying, “You want this? You can pry it from my cold dead hands This week, we feature three screens that show players wildly leaping and swinging at their enemies while simultaneously maintaining their “do”.

Big Fights, Great Hair feature. This week, pools of blood, a show of “guts” from attackers and stinking green gas threatening to choke the breath out of the player.

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Elsword Online ————— Elsword is a 2D side-scroller game. Elsword has evolved more over the year with each weekend patch update bring more to the story line to the Elsword Team. There are 12 character now in elsword over the few years ago. All character have different game play style from multiple classes path and some character are easyer and some character harder to master.

This game is focus on PVE content mostly not pvp.

A smart box containing a bloodshadow ninja costume.[Smart boxes automatically generate an exact match to the character who opens it.] You have purchased a TERA 5th Anniversary golden gift box. You can open it or give it away through the TERA 5th Anniversary gifting center.

Crafting main feature is to be a big moneysink, as its very expensive to level up a crafting profession. TERA also provides you with crafting quests at around level Gathering Any player can gather any material as long as they have enough proficiency in that gathering skill, players can check their proficiency by pressing P and selecting gathering tab, gathering also gives a small amount of EXP.

Gathering buffs — Gathering also gives you one of 5 temporary buffs for any successful gathering that stacks up to a maximum, i find these extremely useful while levelling, these buffs are: Life Blossom — increases Stamina by 5, stacks 3x, last 20minutes Faerie Vitality — increases movement speed by 2, stacks 3x, last 10minutes Regeneration — Heals 0. Extraction To be able to extract items you need to buy the recipe that allows you to do so, there are no skill-ups with extraction, this means if you have Metal Extraction 1, all you need to do to be able to go to the next tier is to buy Metal Extraction 2, note that you cant jump from 1 to 5, you need to get 1 then 2 then 3, etc..

There are 4 extraction processes available with 13 ranks each. Rank 1 — 8 can be purchased in any general vendor around the world, Rank 9 — 13 are from world drops.

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SHARE Although studying creativity is considered a legitimate scientific discipline nowadays, it is still a very young one. In the early s, a psychologist named J. Guilford was one of the first academic researchers who dared to conduct a study of creativity.

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Saturday, 1 February Crucible of Flame: Rising, the Crucible of Flame is an instanced dungeon for level 60 characters. A multi-stage instance with twice the altitude and thrice the difficulty, the crucible requires more teamwork than other dungeons. Overview The Crucible of Flame has two stages with multiple rounds each. Baharr designed the crucible to test how well a group could work together—and, given the opportunity, how far that group could push its limits.

To Enter the Dungeon The crucible allows players one entrance daily twice for elite status players. Need a group to go with you? Use the Instance Matching system. Instance Matching offers Valkyon Response rewards for completing the first stage of the dungeon. Got a group ready? Head to Velika and talk to Vold outside the Legion of Arms. He offers the Eye of the Fire quest, which rewards you for completing the upper stage of the dungeon. There are two stages to the Crucible of Flame—and each is on its own level.

The Foundation You enter the lower, Foundation level at the center hub.

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Rather simple dps boss; boss climbs tree; dps tree; rinse repeat. If you do not dps the tree fast enough your party will wipe. Kuma like standard kuma moves plus he has a roll that can smack you for quite a bit of damage. There is one kink thrown into the mix on this. Lines of trees will spawn and march across the courtyard you need to avoid them as. There are gaps in the line that u can dodge between just avoid the trees and the roll from the boss you’ll be fine.

Tera-Online needs a graphics card thats as powerful as a GeForce GTS /Radeon HD and paired with either a FX/Core i GHz CPU to match the Tera-Online recommended specs.

You can find out more about me here. This is going to be long, so bear with me. Some images are a little hard to read, a list of all image links can be found at the very end. Tera online has had its issues for a long time. Poor optimisation, lag that worsens with every patch and limitations on what classes people can play based on ping, as well as race and gender. These issues are by no means recent. When EME falls flat on their ass the community blames them. When in actuality they fell because BHS provided poor instructions.

The above at least applies when considering content patches and any patch fixes that pop up along the way. By no means does this excuse them in other areas, such as event planning, lack of transparency and being out of touch with the communities needs and expectations. What is evident by recent actions is that the way a community is run is at the discretion of the region and thus the Community Manager, and by extension the publisher they represent.

I still remember during the early inception of Tera and how people thought poison skills were high DPS because they ripped threat from tanks. Wrong obviously, poisons skills in general did for some strange reason or bug?

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Password doesn t match. Jquery Slider Thumbnail Viewer. A few clicks to create stylish photo gallery webpage.

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To be honest, the standard controller already feels tailor-fitted for MMO games, save for the keyboard needed for chatting. It was a new thing for me. I barely touched any of the console MMOs at the time, and was curious at how well it played. While many traditional players would question having to play MMOs with a controller, it was actually quite easy to use, and is no different from having to play Skyrim on console.

Based on the classic Monster Hunter 2, this epic rendition of the MH series will be a pay-to-play game for the consoles mentioned. From there, you can craft stronger weapons and armour sets.

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How to queue as a tank First, click on the Instance Matching icon on your mini-map: In the Instance Matching Interface you will see 3 icons indicating group roles. The icon on the far left will select your role as a Tank, the icon looks like a shield.

Jan 16,  · World of Tanks Matchmaking Chart. On January 16, January 16, By HarbingerZero In World of Tanks. This is available on the wiki, but quite frankly can’t be publicized enough. The misconceptions about the matchmaker (MM) are legion.

I gotta say, tho, it can get repetitive. However, what saves this little title is the Alert system. I love how they rotate and there is always one available, whether you enter them for XP, gold or Enhancements. The character customization is through the roof. I mean, you can literally create anything you want. The controls are nice, too. You can play the game with your controller! I like the Adventure Packs. They send you to different locales on large-scale missions, often resulting in a full assault on an enemy base- bosses included.

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Now let’s talk about the major PvP scenarios. GvG – Sounds simple. A guild challenges another guild. Civil Unrest – A weekly open world PvP with more than 2 guilds participating in it. The goal is to put down a tower and when the fight begins, your guild’s tower supposed to be the last one standing. Large scale PvP battles which have equalised gear.

Console Instance Matchmaking Takes Forever Around Level (line) submitted 7 months ago by xnycdplx I havent had any issues getting into dungeons until I hit level

There are a few things to keep in mind when you pick a server to play on. Where are Your Friends Playing? Edit With each character you create, you can only interact fully with people on the same server realm as your character. You can create characters on different servers if you like, but then they cannot support each other by e.

You are allowed limited access to other servers. There is, however, the possibility of transfers. The character will be playable while the transfer occurs, and a character can only be moved once every month. That is to say, if Alice was moved, she cannot be moved again for a month, but your second character ” alt ” , Bob, can. Other than that, the only way for people on different servers to meet is through the cross-realm Instance Matchmaking dungeons. However, there is no guarantee that two players who would like to interact will be put into the same dungeon group.

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