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One of the most widely used such indirect methods, called the puddling process , was developed by Henry Cort of England in It involved melting cast iron in a hollowed hearth and then agitating it with a bar so that the carbon in the cast metal was removed by the oxidizing gases of the furnace. As the carbon was removed, the proportion of solid decarbonized iron progressively increased, and the resulting thick mixture of metal and slag was then run through a squeezer, which removed much of the excess slag and formed a rough cylinder for subsequent rolling into a more finished product. Wrought iron began to take the place of bronze in Asia Minor in the 2nd millennium bc; its use for tools and weapons was established in China, India, and the Mediterranean by the 3rd century bc. The chief advantage of iron was simply its far greater availability in nature than that of copper and tin. Wrought iron continued to be used for the proliferating implements of peace and the arms and armour of war for many centuries. In the 19th century it began to appear in building construction , where its strength in tension resistance to pulling apart made it superior to cast iron for horizontal beams. The invention of the Bessemer and open-hearth processes led to the supplanting of wrought iron by steel for structural purposes. The use of wrought iron in the 20th century has been principally decorative.

Casting (metalworking)

Dating Griswold by markings and trademarks Dec 28th, at 3: These dates are purely my own estimate and do not always agree with published dates. In most cases exact dates are probably not possible to determine but we can try to estimate or guess some “circa” dates. The beginning of Griswold’s production or iron cookware after having been making articles of hardware since

Do you own vintage cast iron? We’d love to see your photos! These stacks of small skillets belong to the great-granddaughter of Joseph Lodge, the founder of Lodge Manufacturing.

These are the best methods for stripping off old seasoning, getting rid of rust, and making old, damaged, and vintage cast iron skillets, pans, and cookware as good as new. A restored vintage piece of cast iron cookware, ready to be seasoned. Daniel Gritzer] Serious Eats has become a pretty great resource for cast iron cooking, thanks to some of the articles Kenji has written on the topic, from recipes to care and maintenance guides as well as some serious myth busting.

One of the wonders of cast iron is that it’s tough as nails, and can last for generations. For those looking to take their cast iron cooking to the next level, a nice piece of vintage cookware is a pretty sweet first step. It’s not that the vintage stuff is worlds better than the modern pans available today—the smoother finish characteristic of very old cast iron provides only marginally better non-stick properties.

But, for those of us nerdy enough to get excited about the details, vintage cast iron has a lot going for it.

How To Season A Cast Iron Pan

Today, collectors prize Wagner cast iron frying pans, Dutch ovens and bakeware for both its beauty and durability. You can find Wagner cookware at garage and estate sales, thrift stores, antique stores and from online dealers. Dating Wagner cast iron can be tricky, but several clues can help you arrive at the approximate date your cookware was manufactured.

Step 1 Turn over your cookware so the bottom is facing up. Make note of all markings on the bottom of the pan and their location. At various times the Wagner Manufacturing Company used curved and straight logos, with or without the “Sidney, O” designation underneath.

Read a little more about the history of Wagner Cast Iron and even Griswold Cast Iron In many cases, we cannot determine the exact date that a piece of cookware was made. Unfortunately.

Bronze is much stronger than pure copper. Bronze is — has a lower casting temperature it resists corrosion and rust is stronger However, other factors came into play: A few groups of people learned how to add carbon to iron and make steel. Steel is superior to everything. The Hittites are an example of an early steel-wielding tribe whose early conquests were due largely to their superior weapons.

Iron implements can be sharpened—a huge advantage! Bronze weapons had to be melted and re-molded. The tin that was needed to make the bronze became hard to find and often unavailable to some cultures. Both copper and tin are relatively common, but they are rarely found in the same area. The production of bronze therefore depended on the ability to trade for the part you were lacking.

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Production[ edit ] Cast iron is made from pig iron , which is the product of smelting iron ore in a blast furnace. Cast iron can be made directly from the molten pig iron or by re-melting pig iron [4] , often along with substantial quantities of iron, steel, limestone, carbon coke and taking various steps to remove undesirable contaminants.

Phosphorus and sulfur may be burnt out of the molten iron, but this also burns out the carbon, which must be replaced. Depending on the application, carbon and silicon content are adjusted to the desired levels, which may be anywhere from 2—3. If desired, other elements are then added to the melt before the final form is produced by casting.

May 22,  · Colonial Cauldrons and Kettles. Most kettles of this time had a wide belly like the original I was very fortunate to acquire below, dating to about Ironically, by this period (ie, the 16th century) smiths were increasingly able to cast iron into basic shapes too.

Cast Iron Canada — https: Please do not duplicate without permission. Although the majority of this information is proven correct, do not take it as gospel. Can James smart cast iron be dated? I believe it can be… There is more research to be done, and questions to be answered and it will take time. It rather seems like the Diamond G logo started off front and center, then circa became smaller then seemed to disappeared altogether — then be made by Findlay.

The following article will explain.

Identifying and Dating Unmarked or Unknown Maker Vintage and Antique Cast Iron Skillets

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Cast Iron. Dating back to the 5th century BC, in Australia cast Iron is used mainly in the Hydraulic cylinder and manifold industries as well as well as to re-sleeve bores in the auto-motive industry. Black Hawk Metals is the largest importer and distributor of cast iron in Australia.

I would say the s — early s made cast iron cookware is still pretty darn good and probably some of those pieces are better than what you can get today. Read more about Wagner Cast Iron In many cases, we cannot determine the exact date that a piece of cookware was made. We can come pretty close to a range of dates once we understand a little bit about the manufacturing of the cookware. Wagner Ware Cast Iron: Or through expansion the foundries would get more moulds to increase production or to make another piece of cookware.

Why is all this is important? In this way, we can assume within a range when a piece of cookware was actually made. The two pieces to the right which I found on ebay , are most likely from the period from — And one of them, the 3 was apparently never used. When I got it, there was a little bit of rust present on the gray, unseasoned, raw cast iron.

Amazing that it never had any food on it until I bought it. After that I seasoned it using the method outlined at this site. One of the best ways to tell is by the font, location, and styling of the logo and trademarks on the bottom of the cookware.

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Often called the “Blue Book”, this is the best book by far of any done on cast iron cookware. Available in many bookstores and from several online sources including this WAGS site. This is the first publication a collector or dealer should buy. While there are a few mistakes and the prices are not always up to date, it is an excellent book with many, clear photos. Prices of items included. Slightly revised and updated in

Cast iron pans have been around forever, even dating back to the Han in reality, a old cast iron pan is every bit as good as a new one as long as it is kept properly seasoned.

By Roy Nuhn As seen in The Antique Shoppe Newspaper, July Types of cast metal have being used in cooking for centuries; however true cast iron did not have a major role in the kitchen until the s. Today classic kitchen cast iron is not only eye appealing to decorating collectors but winning a following of those who enjoy cooking with it as well. An early cast iron favorite was the muffin pans. In a Boston merchant obtained patents on a number of cast iron muffin pans, many of which would remain remarkably similar to others for more than 50 years.

In the s there was a great demand for cast iron cake pans to bake gem muffins. Gems was actually the brand name of a commercial baking powder used in muffin making, however the name became standard and was soon applied to the cast iron pans themselves. Ironically the original gem muffins or Wisconsin cakes, were “hardly gemlike” according to William Woys Weaver author of America Eats.

They were instead, “a coarse wheat-bran muffin introduced by abolitionist cooks to avoid having to use ingredients produced by slave labor. For the most part the cast iron cooking ware, or hollow ware as it would be known commercially, produced during the third quarter of the 19th century came from stove companies. Their ware naturally was specifically designed to fit their stoves. The products of non-stove makers tended to work on all stoves.

In the s the Griswold Company was producing cast iron cooking ware on an extensive scale, first using the name Erie and later the full firm identification. The catalogs of leading hardware stores offered an amazing selection of the ‘hollow ware’ including Yankee bowls, tea kettles, spiders small frying pans , griddles and pans. The Simmons Hardware Company, for example, listed baking pans of every shape including round, square, oval and even oblong.

Grey Iron Casting Manufacturers and Companies

Below are some commonly asked questions. If you still need information, please contact us! My new pan feels rough in some areas.

But perhaps the best thing about vintage cast iron pans is the past they connect us to—those pans go back to a period of American history dating from the mids to the early s when cast iron was a serious industry.

Hubley has captured nearly every major breed of dog in different poses and positions, gaining popularity with antique as well as dog fanciers the world over. The company paid attention to detail, making these beautiful door stops, bookends and mechanical money banks among some of the most well sought collectibles around. These antiques and collectibles are hot property and highly prized. The hunter will find his beloved assistant and pet immortalized in a set of Pointer dog bookends; or the noble German shepherd, a great protector and friend to his owner.

The cast iron terriers are just as adorable in iron as they are in the flesh, as is the loyal Collie, friend to all who treats it well. Hubley must have loved dogs, all dogs, very much, to recreate them so well for the world to collect and enjoy. Hubley’s Bucki Dog paperweight. The Hubley name is synonymous with cast iron door stops which enjoyed their height of popularity from through to They have the Victorians to thank for raising the doorstop to a decorative high point. In the mid 19th century manufacturers began making cast iron door stops into beautiful works of art.

Hubley dogs are enjoying a newfound status today not only with door stop collectors but with cross over collectors too.

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