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View Stubbie’s Album Well 53 amps is the maximum required input amperage to produce the rated output amperage for the arc of the welder. You would probably not use the welder at that setting often. If you don’t consider duty cycle that is pretty hefty. Most of the time your probably going to be welding at around 30 to 40 amps or less input. It is likely that the compressor will cycle while you are welding and that will usually work out as long as you are not welding at maximum output setting. But you have to design for the correct operation of the equipment

How do I hook up two amps to one Sub?

Run 4 Gauge from the Battery back to your amps and split from there with a distribution block. Depending on Amp ratings watts you can finish with 4 gauge or down to 8 gauge, BUT! After all, you want to get all the performance out of your amplifier that you paid for, right?!

Apr 26,  · hey guys i have a system hooked up to my car and i have 2 amps. one is a mtx watt 2-channel for the subs and i have another amp for my 6x9s in back its a rockford fosgate A4 4-channel amp. i am trying to hook up the 4-channel amp.. can somone tell me how to hook this up along with the amp for the subs.

I started looking at the Elac Debut line which seems to run at 6 Ohms which is why I purchased the x but the more I read it seems the Uni-fy speakers appear to be a little better in filling a large HT room. Now I am confused on if purchasing the Uni-fy speaker solution 4 ohms will compliment the Denon x or if I need to go back to the Debut line 6 ohms.

I want to setup a 5. Any help would be appreciated. I will replace the Polk with the Elac debut or uni-fi in ceiling once they ship. I also plan to add 2 more in ceiling Atmos modules via an external 2 channel amp, as required for this AVR for a total of 7. So how does it sound? I have not heard anything even close to these for less than 2x the price.

I can barely stand to be in the room at reference 0db and the AVR will go even louder. Note that all this hinges on you having a sub and set your crossovers to no less than 80hz. January 5, at 6: I have a vintage receiver and want to ensure that these would work given the ohm. What are the risks in using a speaker like the ELAC with different ohm capability.

Need to hook up two amps input and output

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So this approach may not work for you. I use 10 AWG for my G, again not for any electrical reason, but for mechanical strength. It will take a lot longer for a buried 10 AWG to corrode through. If I hit it with a shovel, I am not likely to break it. If you are an ohm counter or live life three places past the decimal point, click here for a detailed AWG vs. After running my track and wire resistance tests , I have amended this section. How far apart can I place my feeders?

But, how many of you can go even 10′ before hitting a new block, usually caused by hitting a rail switch?

How To Properly Hook Up Speakers to Amps

Speaker Connections for proper impedance match A note about amplifiers: You should always use the recommended load for your amplifier. However, if you must use a load other than the recommended load, here is a short guide. Most solid-state amplifiers would rather look at an open circuit no speaker at all than a load. Therefore, you can usually use a load that is higher than the recommended load. Do not use a lower impedance load, as this could cause serious damage to your SS amp.

Run a 2 sub per amp set-up. Get a distribution block for you power wire to split the power wire. You can run the remote wire from your stereo to one amp and then from the amp to the other amp. you.

My Jeeps How do I hook up speakers with 2 preout head unit? I’m looking at a Kenwood EZ head unit because I think it’s style blends in with the Jeep the best but it only has 2 preouts. I assume you pick one or the other. I will be adding an amp or two? Is it possible to get decent sound with four speakers plus a sub from a head unit that only has two pre outs. I’m sure it’s better to get a head unit with three preouts but I’m not and audiphile, and I personally like the understated looks and simple controls on the Kenwood.

I’m thinking option 1: Buy one 4 channel amp. Run dash speakers off head unit speaker level outputs SirGcal says this is not the cleanest. Either a split left and right signals using y adpaters into the four channels on the amp. Then set one pair to high pass and the other pair to low pass.

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The foyer lights and interior garage lights are also on this same circuit. Is it possible to install the timer and if so how should I go about it.

Jun 26,  · If the sub amp only has a one-channel input, you can either pick a left or right speaker, or look for a device that will combine left+right to send to the sub amp (without screwing up the signals going to the speaker amp).

Do you need really huge speakers, and are they worth it? Yes they are…at all costs. The bigger the better! Monstrous, gigantic speakers sitting three feet away from your face and pumping out dB of ear-bleeding sound is exactly what you need! Just ask your spouse or the person sitting next to you. They ran out of the room screaming?

The truth is, I once downsized my speakers when I went from a larger room to a new home where my theater needed to shrink. If you want to understand anything about room acoustics, remember this: Loudspeakers always interact with the room in which they are placed. That means that if you place really large speakers in a small room, the room is going to have an effect on the sound produced. So how do you size up the speakers to the room? Well, you start with the room. Understanding your room is a big deal.


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How do you hook up two amps to one sub by admin. If you attempt to do this yourself and make a mistake, you could receive a fatal shock. Appliances using volts are connected to a double pole circuit breaker, which is two circuit breakers .

But what the manufacturer is not showing you is the bandwidth vs. Quality of bass and how well it integrates into a system is paramount. If I have to sacrifice a bit of extension and SPL to achieve this, so be it. The Set-Up I left my EP towards the left front corner behind my couch as it has been for the past 3 years. I placed one EP on top of it and the other EP diagonally located towards the back right of the room.

Luckily the distance between both EP s was relatively equal to the primary listening area making it much easier to integrate them and not have to worry about bass cancellations due to mismanaged time alignment between the two subs. I checked the phase and found they integrated best with both subs set to 0 degrees default. I always recommend using symmetry when placing your subwoofers relative to the primary listening area.

The Analysis When setting up subwoofers in a home theater system, I always measure the response to ensure I am at least in the ballpark for great bass.

Oddball Amps: Univox, Silvertone Amp, Harmony, Danelectro, Magnatone & More

How do you hook up two amps to one sub We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Please forward this error screen to Paying attention to your phone instead how do you hook up two amps to one sub your surroundings is dangerous, especially while driving. Here are some creative and original answers: The chicken crossed the road.

If you have an FX loop send/return, you can also hook up the master’s “FX send” to the slaves input. This signal is also safe. Basically you only control one amp, then the direct out and FX send copy the signal to the second amp.

Relax, it’s not difficult at all. Let’s start with the inputs. A balanced connection typically uses XLR connectors, which are relatively large round connectors with three pins male or three holes female in a triangular formation as shown above. This same type of cable used with professional microphones. A balanced connection reduces the risk of induced noise from power cords, radio-frequency interference RFI , and electromagnetic interference EMI. By the way, if you are going to the expense of a balanced system, make sure it is balanced throughout the amp and not just at the inputs.

In a nutshell, here is how a balanced connection works. As I mentioned above, the two signal conductors carry the same signal, but one is out of phase with the other. Any induced noise that is picked up along the cable will be at the same phase in both conductors. At the amp’s input, a differential amplifier recognizes and rejects any signal that is in phase in both conductors, leaving only the intended audio signal.


How to Wire an Amp to a Sub and Head Unit A sub woofer or two in a vehicle can make the world of difference in listening to music. It is very important to match the RMS of your subs to your amp. You want an amp more powerful than your sub, because you don’t want your sub to clip. Clipping is the number one reason of bass distortion. Steps 1 Gather your equipment Amp, Subs, Stereo, and wiring. If you’re using an after market head unit, go to an electronics store’s stereo department and ask for a wiring harness from your car to the after market head unit.

Danny, You wire two DVC 4-ohm subs to an amp that can handle a 1-ohm load like this, If you want to utilize the amp’s dual-terminal set-up, you can disconnect the positive and negative leads of Sub 2 (in the diagram) from Sub 1 and connect them to the positive and negative terminals of the amp.

One thing I learned pretty early in life is that speakers are not meant to be wired together in a haphazard manner. In fact, whenever you plan to connect more than two speakers to a two-channel amplifier — or more than four speakers to a four-channel amp — there are a few things to consider, not the least of which is the amps ability to handle low-impedance loads. Ignoring the basics is like playing Russian roulette with your amplifier: If youre lucky, itll drive the speakers without incident; if youre not, the amp will fry.

The great thing about a multiple-speaker hookup is that once you master only two basic wiring procedures — “series” and “parallel” — the world is yours to conquer. When you know how many speakers youre going to use and the impedance driving capability of your amplifier, youll be able to select a wiring scheme that will deliver the best sonic and electrical results. In some cases, it may not be one procedure or the other but a combination of the two that works best.

Speakers in Series The essence of series wiring is really quite simple: When speakers are connected in this fashion, load impedance increases — the more speakers, the higher the impedance. The most common reason for wanting to raise impedance is to lower acoustical output, as in the case of rear-fill or center-channel speakers. Speaker output declines because the amplifiers power output decreases as the load impedance increases. While you can connect any number of speakers in series, try to keep the total equivalent-load impedance for each channel below 16 ohms, since most amps are not designed to handle higher loads.

How do you hook up two amps to one sub

Originally Posted by Trogdor Thanks dd3mon. Okay, how will imaging be effected by a sub in the corner? Has anyone done this with with 2 sub’s on placed in both front corners? I’m considering getting an external sub for my 2 channel setup. My speakers do bass quite nicely tight and accurate but not booming though I’m about to change amplification drastically.

Hi, I need to connect to amps to one sub. Now I know how to wire the amps (power distribution block). But the amps I have are 2 channel and each amp has an input and output for left and right channels.

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Chrysler Fifth Ave Sound System Repair – 2 15’s – 2 Amplifiers (1 Per Subwoofer)

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