15 Notable Podcasts That Came Out In 2016

It was a tumultuous time for the Stones. They had been struggling with the album for the better part of a year as they dealt with the personal disintegration of their founder and multi-instrumentalist Brian Jones, whose drug addiction and personality problems had reached a critical stage. Jones was fired from the band in June of that year. He died less than a month later. And although the Stones couldn’t have known it at the time, the year would end on another catastrophic note, as violence broke out at the notorious Altamont Free Concert just a day after Let it Bleed was released. It was also a grim time around the world. Kennedy, the Tet Offensive, the brutal suppression of the Prague Spring–all of these were recent memories.

John McWhorter on the Evolution of Language and Words on the Move

We agreed on the temporary imbalance, as we wanted our kids to have their mom at home to enjoy the pre-school years as well as meeting the bus later, as they started elementary school. And while I was the primary bread-winner, and waved happily to my family as I left on my hour commute to the corporate mothership, I was a little more ragged each day as I returned around 7: And if the kids were crying and dinner was not done, I got to feel the deeper pain of my commute.

What is the modern, aspirational family to do?

image from the website of the podcast linked below. One activity that can be more stressful that work is dating–particularly online dating. However, an economic reporter from Planet Money, Lisa Chow, took a systematic analysis approach to this , independently, Tim Harford, who now writes the “Underground Economist” column for the Financial Times, wrote a column called “Dear.

Applying economic management principles to love and dating image from the website of the podcast linked below One activity that can be more stressful that work is dating–particularly online dating. However, an economic reporter from Planet Money, Lisa Chow, took a systematic analysis approach to this process. And, independently, Tim Harford, who now writes the “Underground Economist” column for the Financial Times , wrote a column called “Dear Economist” from , in which he answered questions about love, dating, and other personal matters by applying economic principles and analysis.

Chow’s process was practical. It entailed creating a spreadsheet and applying efficiencies to the online dating process. And making the third date a social situation. Being honest and objective when she had the gut feeling that a different relationship could be better Chow’s process worked for her: Harford’s approach was to first articulate an economic principle and then apply it to a particular situation.

One example he addressed in the interview related to the principles of scarce resources and maximizing satisfaction. One non-renewable resource is time clearly a scarce resource Therefore, the suggestion was to perhaps cut down on the number of relationships in which the the letter writer was involved. With modifications, the principles could also be applied to networking and work relationships. Planet Money, March 1,

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Background[ edit ] Slate features regular and semi-regular columns such as Explainer, Moneybox, Spectator, Transport, and Dear Prudence. Many of the articles are short less than 2, words and argument-driven. Around , the magazine also began running long-form journalism.

NPR Food Blog. Welcome to our reviews of the NPR Food Blog (also known as Examples of Four Market Structures).Check out our top 10 list below and follow our links to read our full in-depth review of each online dating site, alongside which you’ll find costs and features lists, user reviews and videos to help you make the right choice.

But today, as people work longer and reinvent their careers more frequently, lifelong learning has become an essential part of the game. Fortunately, there are now many digital learning options that make it easier to take charge of upgrading your skills. For example, Deborah Rodrigo, 50, a certified public account based in Alberta, Canada, is currently taking two online taxation classes through Athabasca University, a Canadian-based university that specializes in online distance learning.

Having recently resigned from her job, she’s realized that her next position might require them, and she wants to stay fresh. Margie Anderson, 57, a part-time office manager, recently took an online course on Udemy on how to use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and is now looking at social media tutorials to help make her skills more marketable. If you’re looking for the best online course for you, first look up the LinkedIn profiles of people in your industry you admire, suggests Anya Kamenetz, lead digital education correspondent for NPR and author of DIY U, a book about the future of higher education.

These can be guideposts for what skills and courses you’ll need for the next step in your career. In many cases, free options such as YouTube how-to videos are available, which can be a great starting place. From there, you can seek out specialized for courses for specific skills in your field. Here are some resources that can help: Khan Academy , a nonprofit, offers free classes in math, science, computer programming, economics and more. Owned by LinkedIn, Lynda.

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Bank for International Settlements: The international trade association dedicated to the asset-based lending and factoring industries. A professional society of academics and practitioners with an interest in financial management, theory and application. An association for high-achieving financial professionals.

This research is conducted in conjunction with a large North American online dating site, who worked with her and her co-authors to design a randomized field experiment, a design that allows them to understand the true causal relationship between the feature and the outcome.

January 8, Demby: Something that might start as a blog post will become a different kind of conversation for Morning Edition or All Things Considered or Weekend Edition. Three minutes and thirty seconds. Some of our episodes will let her tape breathe. Hopefully there will be something here that completely speaks to you and your experience, because our team is so diverse.

Our team comes from really different cultural experiences. Shereen and Adrian are both Latino. Shereen is biracial, though, and Adrian is Mexican American.

Goodwill Workers Find 1744 ‘Rebel’ Newspaper

Along with the fascinating book series, there is also the compelling NY Times blog, and now this podcast, which, as of episode one, looks like it will make my regular rotation one of the few podcasts that can make me look forward to my bus commute. Further, Molly Webster is one of the best radio and podcast producers in the business.

Her work on Science Friday and Science Line are the stuff of legend and the fact that she is involved with the Freakonomics podcast almost guarantees its greatness. Cherry picked “Science” by hammerdoggie I just listened to episode two about the obesity epidemic. The overwhelming scientific consensus is that obesity is unhealthy but this podcast chose to “teach the controversy” as if there is one.

“Niche dating websites, such as , and , are helping users weed out their dating pools, but there is a new site that has many questioning how far preference can go until they are considered offensive.

Economic development, the emerging middle class, and labor migration Climate change and environmental concerns in the Himalayas Redefining development, social capital, and civil society Ethnicity, nationhood, and social and political change Causes and conditions for change and conflict Caste, class, gender, and religion in Nepal Coursework Access virtual library guide. Lectures and discussions will cover the following topics: Introductions to Nepal and development: Caste and ethnicity in Nepal; early and modern history of the Kingdom; economic forces in the Himalayas; defining development Ethnicity, nationhood, and social and political change: Ethnicity and nationalism; political history of Nepal; social change in conflict areas; changes in governance system Gender, development, and social issues: Development efforts by state and communities to compete in and integrate into the global market, infrastructure, and changing landscapes Development redefined: Social entrepreneurship; social capital and civil society; community driven development, and sustainable development Through the Field Methods and Ethics course, students learn appropriate field methodology and gain practical experience working in the field, ultimately leading toward their Independent Study Project ISP.

The following syllabi are representative of this program. Because courses develop and change over time to take advantage of dynamic learning opportunities, actual course content will vary from term to term. The syllabi can be useful for students, faculty, and study abroad offices in assessing credit transfer.

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When I look back at the audio that affected me this year, I think of emotional fictional narratives or soul-baring admissions of humanity. And in turn, listening to people reminds him that his everyday trials and anxieties are part of a larger whole. That is part of why I find podcasts so appealing — they help me remember that there are millions of experiences and perspectives I have yet to learn from, or appreciate.

In short, in , I spent a lot of time listening to people. Below is a selection of podcasts that were born or reborn in that I loved, and hope you will, too.

Jan 13,  · Fast and lightweight mobile news feed reader for your country major newspapers! Choose, read and easily compare the most famous newspapers with your mobile free of charge and in the fastest way possible/5(K).

He has led client engagements in every sector and part of the world, especially for top technology, communications, media, consulting and financial services businesses. From to he helped lead the global media company Discovery Communications. Prior to that, he was a senior adviser to President Bill Clinton. From to , Baer worked as a journalist, covering politics and the White House for U. Baer received his B. He lives with his wife, Nancy Bard, and two sons in Washington, D.

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Then something happened to the program that began a remarkable shift, not only at St. Jude but across the state. Father Jake Runyon saw it happening and told his parishioners. Jude Parish,” Runyon said in a formal presentation that was recorded in and posted on the church’s website. The parish was in its third straight year of financial losses. The church was pouring money from its offertory into the school and neglecting repairs to its steeple and cooling system.

Watch video · Credit the excellent chemistry of Mila Kunis as Audrey, a self-doubting grocery clerk whose boyfriend with an NPR show about jazz and economics (Justin Theroux) dumps her on her 30th birthday — by text! — and Kate McKinnon as Morgan, the inadvisably overconfident best friend who suggests that they burn all his stuff while he’s away.

Pleasure is sometimes assumed to be a purely subjective feeling. But pleasure also has objective features in the form of measurable hedonic reactions, both neural and behavioral, to valenced events. Objective hedonic reactions can be measured in both human and animal neuroscience studies, which together allow some comparisons across species and can lead to a more complete causal picture of how brain systems mediate hedonic impact.

In the prefrontal cortex, recent evidence indicates that the OFC and insula cortex may each contain their own additional hot spots D. Successful confirmation of hedonic hot spots in the OFC or insula would be important and possibly relevant to the orbitofrontal mid-anterior site mentioned earlier that especially tracks the subjective pleasure of foods in humans Georgiadis et al. A brainstem mechanism for pleasure may seem more surprising than forebrain hot spots to anyone who views the brainstem as merely reflexive, but the pontine parabrachial nucleus contributes to taste, pain, and many visceral sensations from the body and has also been suggested to play an important role in motivation Wu et al.

From Abuse to Recovery:

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For others, online dating can sometimes feel like work. Or maybe you struggle with getting to the second date. A Little Nudge gives singles that extra push to get over any dating hurdle. Whatever the case is, every now and then you need someone with an outside perspective who can get you over that one hurdle, and for online dating that someone is Erika Ettin, Founder of A Little Nudge.

Through targeted services like profile writing, photo selection, and even date planning, Erika and her team of experts at A Little Nudge help you put your best foot forward and become a better dater overall. Online dating can be time consuming and overwhelming for some people.

Stacey Vanek Smith is the co-host of NPR’s The Indicator from Planet Money. Here’s Stacey Vanek Smith and Cardiff Garcia from NPR’s economics podcast The Indicator. People lie when they’re dating online. It’s the downside of the anonymity offered by the Internet. In today’s show, we cut through the web of falsehoods, to determine what.

Whether you are listening during your commute to work, while mowing the lawn, or cooking up dinner, podcasts are a great way to pass the time in an entertaining, engaging, and educational way—and there are some super-smart listening experiences out there for the curious-minded. Host and NPR social science correspondent Shankar Vedantam draws on the latest psychology and sociology research to explore what drives human behavior, how it is impacting your own life, and how you might be able to change it for the better.

A good episode for newbies: And for more ways to be smarter, here are 10 Ways to Develop a Photographic Memory. It delves into issues and how they affect the wider world in surprising ways, from the price of college to an obscure chicken tax in California. Dubner, journalist and co-author of the massively successful Freakonomics books, hosts the highly entertaining Freakonomics Radio. The show not only tackles big topics while keeping things fun, but frames them in surprisingly insightful ways.

Planet Money 20170301 513 Dear Economist, I Need A Date

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